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Sax Maintenance
27/09/2010 18:06

A Vintage Sax is more than just a musical tool, it's an investment! And with proper care it can last a lifetime and appreciate in value too.

So to ensure reliability, we recommend a yearly maintenance by our fully qualified staff of woodwind technicians, where Dr. Sax will check your Sax thoroughly to make sure that everything is working properly, and that there are no problems waiting for you "Just around the corner".

Quite often we have players coming into our workshop who want their Saxophones overhauled because they "don't seem to be working as well as they used to", and then we discover that these Saxophones are in such a terrible condition that it's even impossible to get a single note out of them!

Being experienced repairmen & musicians ourselves, we can certainly appreciate the value of keeping your Sax in perfect working order, and this goes for both the professional and student musician as well, so we do our utmost to bring the best out of your Sax.

And here at Dr. Sax's workshop, you will find the best modern tools and materials, plus the most highly skilled craftsmen to maintain your sax in perfect working order. And we always handle each Sax with the maximum care, using the most effective repair techniques possible and devoting the same level of expertise to its maintenance as to a complete overhaul.

Since our shop was founded 20 years ago, we've earned a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed excellence, which is probably due to the unparalleled attention we give to repair details, Dr. Sax's trademark in the international arena. And today discerning sax, clarinet and flute players from all over the world have placed us squarely at the pinnacle of the world's woodwind community, where we've earned a reputation for being innovative professionals with impeccable standards of craftsmanship.

Since we're always busy with repair work, we operate on a "booking-in" system for services and overhauls.
So if at all possible please schedule us in advance by contacting us for an appointment before you send us your Sax.
Naturally prompt attention will always be given to repair work that's already been booked in advance.
However with overnight express couriers such as: "FedEx" and "UPS", its often possible for us to receive, repair and return your Sax within a few days.

So, we are looking forward receiving your Sax for the annual maintenance service, for any further questions please Contact Us and our staff will be happy to assist you.

Thank You !!

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