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Sax Repair
27/09/2010 18:01

Do you want Dr. Sax himself to take care of your cherished saxophone ?

My Sax overhauls became famous overseas because of the meticulous treatment I love to give to each and every one of them.

Without compromising on the finest materials available, I solve every problem with the utmost patience, and never use inferior materials, because with variations in finger pressure and climate, such materials tend to have a short life ! And believe it or not I treat every sax as if it was my personal saxophone !!

So after first dissembling your Sax completely, we remove all the minor dents ("what! My dear old friend has dents…?"), then with the help of my skilled staff, your sax keys and body are carefully polished and cleaned by hand.

But please note that in almost every shop, buffing is a standard part of any major overhaul.

However at my workshop, saxophones are never buffed unless it is absolutely necessary, because it's too easy to damage saxophone tone holes at the buffer, and on older hand made saxophones that are already very thin, further metal removal is never recommended.
Also - I do not re-lacquer instruments as I feel that re-lacquering does a disservice to a Vintage instrument.

After that we polish all the rods, and permanently lubricate the stacks and the entire mechanism with lithium grease.

During this procedure the neck is thoroughly examined for minor leaks in the curve area and octave pipe, the old neck cork is removed once a new exstra quality cork is installed accurately instead. The neck tenon and receiver are hand adjusted for maximum response.

Then - old corks and felt bumpers on your sax mechanism are replaced to extra quality clean corks and new premium felt bumpers !

The customer has the choice of plastic or metal "super 80 style" resonators , and also can choose between metal stainless steel or nyarosta springs which never brake and stay for ever !!

After 25 years of experience in re-padding and repairing professional saxophones and other wind instruments, we only use the finest quality saxophone pads with premium skin, which are installed with precision on each key, with a special cement in order for them to seal effortlessly so that your sax will respond to the gentlest touch even in the low register.

Although this process is extremely time-consuming, we leave no stone unturned in order to seat them perfectly, because this is the most crucial aspect of your entire overhaul !

The soldered tone holes are also checked for leaks and for absolute flatness and proper edge-shape, then the key to key are adjusted and their adjustment-screws sealed to avoid any change in regulation, thereby allowing the key adjustments to last longer.

Pad timing and keys height are also adjusted in an exacting process for optimal venting and intonation, and special care is lavished on removing "key play" which means that all the keys and screws are precision fit to create effortless movement with maximum dexterity.

Many different sax resonators are made by many manufacturers and we often experiment with different resonator materials, sizes and shapes. Based on this experience we can discuss the tone you are looking for and recommend you about the exact resonator for achieving the wanted tone.

We also check all the springs on your sax and replace them if necessary, in which case you're given the added option to choose between metal stainless steel, and nyerosta sax springs, which never buckle and last forever.

Then I balance the spring tension to optimize flexibility and reduce the stress on your fingers.

And for the grand finale, the entire mechanism is oiled with premium lubricants to reduce superfluous noises and enhance articulation.

It takes countless hours by highly skilled technicians to do a competent overhaul on a musical instrument, but then after we reassemble it, your born-again friend will be taken for a serious test drive, and since the people at Dr. Sax are consummate perfectionists, we'll play-test your instrument over and over again until every note sings out loud and clear and your saxophone is in the kind of perfect working order that meets our highest standard.

So, after this "Grand Master Overhaul" the pads will at long last seal with minimal finger pressure, and you'll experience such ease in playing, that your sax will seem to be playing itself.

It will play in tune much better too, with great big juicy low notes, ravishing pianissimos, and a delicate attack with quick response and a crisp articulation.

The kind of professional overhaul we do will last much longer too, because the pads are so well seated that they're almost unchangeable. Occasionally though, after such a major work, we'll have to make some minor adjustments to one or two of its pads, because of humidity changes, but usually not much else, except of course for its annual maintenance checkup.

When the overhaul is complete, your sax will be shipped back to you in a double box for maximum protection, and since Dr. Sax takes your sax repair just as seriously as you take your sax playing, we provide a one year guarantee on every major repair job.

And finally, feel free to join our "HCC" (Happy Customers Club). So if you're interested please Contact Us for further details…

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